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3 Tank Boat Dive

Certified Divers Only - 6 passengers MAX!

Check out our list of dive sites, we love requests! Boat dive sites can be exposed to current and have adventurous surface conditions.

For the 3 tank boat tour we meet at Kikiaola small boat harbor at 6 am. It’s an early morning but important to beat the wind. It takes any where from 15-20 minutes to get to our first dive site. We don’t go further than 10 miles from our harbor and usually pick a deeper site to start on. After the first dive we will pull out drinks and snacks as we head to another site to check current for our 2nd dive, a drift dive (captain picks you up down current). After the drift dive we will pull out lunch and head to our final site which is on a shallow coral reef where sea turtles hang out. We should have you back to the dock by 2pm.

You will need to provide transportation to Kikiaola small boat harbor. We definitely recommend booking a rental car during your stay here. Parking is in the field on the right hand side as you turn in from the highway. Come find us at the dock, we are the only boat with scuba tanks!

On our website you can read through a description of all the dive sites and request sites that look interesting to you! Look under the local boat section.
 All the gear rental is free with a booking. You’ll give us your height/weight/shoe size and we’ll have your gear waiting at the dock for you to try on.
We recommend you bring certification cards, hat, sunglasses, towel, reef safe sunscreen, jacket for surface interval (especially during winter months).