Frequently Asked Questions

What are we going to see?

During the boat ride we are frequented by turtles, spinner dolphins, bottlenose dolphins, and in the winter humpback whales. While diving, turtles, colorful reef fish, small octopus, hard corals, nudibranchs, moray eels, sharks, spotted eagle rays and plenty more. We do a full marine life briefing prior to each dive and specific to the exact dive site we’re diving. During the dive, your Divemaster dives with a magnadoodle style slate to ID wildlife throughout your whole dive. Afterwards, we de-brief on the marine life as well. We love sharing our knowledge and experience with the beautiful life Kauai offers!

Are we going to get wet on the boat ride?

Plan to get wet at some point! We provide dry bags for personal storage. We also recommend a towel and a light jacket/shirt, as the weather can change quickly at times on the ocean.

Do I have to be scuba certified?

Nope! If you are not certified, but you are over 10 years old, and can answer no to a brief medical questionnaire…you can do an introduction to scuba diving on a shallow part of the reef. The medical questionnaire can be found on our shore diving page.

What dive sites will we be diving?

Sites will be picked by the crew on the day of the tour based on conditions and experience of the group. Conditions vary daily. We do love requests and will try our best to fulfill those requests. Check out our list of dive sites and let us know if any of those interest you!

How long is the tour?

We offer a variety of tours ranging from 2-10 hour excursions. Please see individual tour descriptions for details.

What food and drinks are provided?

On our Na Pali tours and 3 tank charters we provide lunch on top of our regular snacks. Our regular 2 tank shore and boat dives snacks include fresh cut fruit, trail mix, and cold water. We try our hardest to keep our trash to a minimum on our trips!

What should I bring?

Certification cards, logbook, hat, sunglasses, towel, reef safe sunscreen, jacket for surface interval (especially during winter months).

How deep are we diving?

If you booked our Koloa Landing shore dive depth range is 20-50 ft. Non-certs (40 ft max). There is very little if no current at our shore dive location. If you booked our local boat dive expect to start with a deeper dive between 40-75ft and finish off with a shallower second dive. Our boat dive sites can be exposed to current.

I haven’t dove in a while, which tour should I book?

If its been a while since you dove and you are prone to diving anxiety its best not to push your limits! Our local shore dive has amazing marine life and we can ease you back into scuba diving. With Koloa Landings calm surface conditions, shallow entry, and little to no current this is the best place to get back into diving.

If you are comfortable in the ocean and have little to no anxiety when diving our local boat dive might not be a bad option! We give free refreshers if you just need to go over gear, hand signals, pressure changes and skills.

Which tour should i book as an advanced diver?

Our most advanced charter is Mana Crack. This 11 mile sunken barrier reef is 2 miles off shore and is exposed to strong currents. We are the only dive shop that leaves out of Kikiaola Small boat harbor and this is the closest harbor to Mana Crack. If you love drift dives, good visibility, and awesome topography this is the dive for you. Need small north swell and light wind to do this dive.

Niihau is also and advanced charter with strong currents and drifts. We only cross to Niihau with the perfect wind and small north swell.  If Niihau is not crossable we will offer the Mana Crack as backup.

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