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Explore Kauai Scuba

Closest and fastest crossing to Ni'ihau. Quality, non-rushed tours. Family-owned and operated.

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Join Explore Kauai Scuba For An Underwater Adventure

Family-owned and operated, Explore Kauai Scuba is the newest and most unique way to see Kauai from the sea.

With small groups (six or less) we offer multiple tours to explore Kauai’s underwater beauty. We travel through ancient lava tubes and meet reef fish found only in Hawaii’s warm Pacific waters.

As Hawaii’s oldest island, Kauai’s waters offer Mother Nature’s best handiwork.  Life hums and beauty abounds underwater, with only the sounds of your own bubbles. Book online!

The Best Scuba Diving Experience In Kauai!

Do yourself a favor and dive with Nick and Jessie!

"Nick and Jessie rock! They keep the dive groups small and personalize your experience based on skill level and interest in marine life. They are very knowledgeable about the local wildlife and great at finding even the tiniest and hardest to find critters while maintaining a high level of respect for the animals. Their operation is super ecofriendly, so you can dive knowing your impact is minimal. Plus their customer service is off the charts. They are so nice and anticipate their divers needs in a way that keeps their divers carefree and happy, knowing they are being taken care of by such awesome people. We did a 2 tank boat dive then came back for a shore dive with them later in the trip and couldn't have enjoyed it more. Do yourself a favor and dive with Nick and Jessie!!"


"Loved our two days, 4 dives with Jessie and Nick. Can’t even compare their operation to larger “cattle boats” full of people. No more than 6 divers makes things feel personal and intimate. If you dive multiple days with them odds are you’ll see the same folks again. You can’t help but feel sorry for the folks cramming into loaded snorkel boats as your small group sets off for the day. If at ALL possible go to Ni’ihau! Such an amazing special place! It takes a little longer to get there but it is well worth the trip!"

Amazing Experience, Outstanding Instructors

"Whether you’re a more experienced diver (like my husband and sons) or a true beginner (like myself), Jessie & Nick are THE instructors you want to dive with in Kauai! They are both super friendly, professional, patient and passionate not only about being diving instructors, but also about the environment and the amazing underwater biodiversity. The instructions were super clear, equipment in perfect shape, snacks yummy; the shore dive adventure was the perfect intro to the rich underwater world and Jessie was the ideal host to introduce us the numerous types of fish, particularly endemic ones, corals, & turtles. We highly recommend Jessie & Nick and we cannot wait to get back to Kauai & dive again with Explore Kauai Scuba!"

Great choice!!! (250+ dives)

"I just finished a great day of diving with Jessie and Nick. Small boat, lots of personalized attention. Jessie was a great dive master - providing an excellent wildlife briefing before each dive and then actively searching out animal life for the divers. We would have missed 75% of the good stuff if not for her effort. Nick is clearly an excellent captain with a focus on safety. The crew works well together and made for a top notch diving experience. I've been diving for 36 years and am rather critical - so take this 5 start rating with that in mind.  You can't go wrong IF you are fortunate enough to find an opening in their schedule. Equipment was excellent and in top condition. Dive computers were provided and very welcomed. The small boat ensures small dive groups which means better dives, safer dives and personal attention at the bottom."