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2 Tank Mana Crack/Napali Coast Tour

Quick Details

Certified Diver
Ride Along

Explore thriving coral reefs on the south west side of Kaua’i

We dive Mana Crack year round. September through May it becomes more difficult to get the right conditions to dive it. If you book this tour, be advised it may get rerouted to south side local boat diving.

For the Mana Crack tour we meet at Kikiaola small boat harbor at 6:30 a.m. It’s an early morning but important to beat the wind! It takes any where from 30-40 minutes to get up to the beginning of the Na Pali Coast line. From here we will drive two miles off shore to do our first drift dive that is generally between 50-100 feet.

After the first dive we will pull out sandwiches, drinks, and snacks. While we are burning off nitrogen on surface interval we will get up close and personal to the breathtaking Na Pali Coast where we will explore sea caves, lava tubes, waterfalls, and hidden beaches. We can almost guarantee to see spinner dolphins and during winter months humpback whales as well!

After the hour and a half tour of the Na Pali Coast we will do a second dive at a different location on the mana crack dive site! We recommend bringing a hat, sunglasses, and jacket! We should have you back to the dock by 2pm!

You will need to provide transportation to Kikiaola Small boat harbor. Parking is in the field on the right hand side! Come find us at the dock! We are the only boat with scuba tanks!


-Enclosed cabin for shade from the sun and protection from wind spray!

-Bathroom (head). Not to worry, yes, we have a small bathroom that you can use during the tour!

-Free parking. When you arrive at the harbor you can park any where on the right hand side in the grassy field.

-Lunch provided. On tours lasting longer than 5 hours we provide turkey or ham sandwiches. If you have any food allergies or dietary restrictions please put that on your reservation when you make the booking. There is a section to enter medications and food allergies.

-Stay hydrated with complementary water and juice.

-Snacks! Fresh fruit, cheese, hummus, and guacamole is always provided after dives. Tortilla chips for dipping. Cookies and Cheezitz are available too!

-Gear rinse- If you bring your own gear we will set up a tub of water to rinse off the salt when we get back to the dock!


-rainjackets are available if its raining or if we get wind spray on the crossing home from Ni’ihau!