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5 Hour Private Whale Watch and Snorkel Tour

Private Whale Watch Boat $600 for up to 6 people

Experience our Kauai Private Whale Watching Boat Tour. Learn about and watch humpback whales in their natural environment. Meet at Kikiaoloa Small Boat harbor, just west of Waimea Town town at 7:30 am!

Private Whale Watch Boat Tour

My favorite time time of year…..humpback whale season! Every year humpback whales travel up to 3,000 miles from their polar feeding grounds to their warm tropical breeding grounds here in Hawai’i! While the whales are in Hawai’i we get to see a variety of breeding related behaviors!

Have you ever seen a 30 ton whale breach completely out of the water? It’s an unbelievable sight to see! We can also see behaviors like tail or pec slapping, spy hopping(yes, they can look at you!) and even heat runs( males competing to mate with a female)! The whales start trickling in at the end of October and are gone by the end of May. They are here in full force from mid January until the end of March. This is the only time of year we run this special whale watch/snorkel charter. We like to pretty much guarantee the whales!

We meet at the harbor at 7:30 am and get back to the dock around 12:30 pm. Because it is a private tour we can split up the time whale watching and snorkeling whichever way you like. Generally we spend a few hours watching whales and when the sun comes out and it’s a little warmer we can go snorkeling!

In the winter months there is no south swell so we generally have excellent snorkel conditions. The water temperature is right around 75 degrees Fahrenheit. We provide wetsuits, masks, fins, snorkels, water, juice, and snacks for all passengers! You will have to provide your own transportation to Kikiaola Small Boat Harbor.

Parking is free and on the right hand side when you pull in! We recommend bringing reef safe sunscreen, jacket, towel, hat, and sunglasses!