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2 Tank Ni’ihau (Forbidden Island)

Certified Divers Only - 6 passengers MAX!

Dive crystal clear desolate waters with stunning topography and large marine life. Big sharks, monk seals, rays, and large predatory fish are common sightings out here! Free gear rental


  • $375 Per Person


  • 8 Hours


  • 2 Tank Ni’hau (Forbidden Island)

Our 2 tank Niihau tour is by far our favorite tour. Visibility is usually 100’s of feet and you are likely to have up close encounters with the critically endangered and endemic Hawaiian Monk Seal! Not unlikely to have close up encounters with multiple species of large sharks (sandbar, oceanic black tip, white tip, galapagos, grey, tiger). Bait balls getting hit by tunas and jacks is another not uncommon thing to see. We have the closest harbor and fastest travel time to Niihau. Prepare yourself for a long day and bumpy ride. We will provide breakfast, lunch, water, fresh fruit and snacks. THIS TOUR IS CONDITIONS PERMITTING!